Where's There's A Photo, There's A Story

Where's There's A Photo, There's A Story
Visual Story Teller

Luxury Fashion Playgrounds of The World at The Ritz Carlton, Saint Regis and The Montage Resort Hotels. Orange County, Ca

Fashion Styling, Creative Direction and Photography by Jean Marshall

Travel Photos Taken at Treasure Island in Laguna Beach, Ca 

Fashion Photography and Styling by Jean Marshall 
Model: Chrisy Elbin
Shot on Location in Laguna Beach, Ca

Fashion Photography and Styling by Look Maker Jean Marshall
Photographed in Laguna Beach, Ca

                            Lifestyle Photography by Jean Marshall Photography
                 Shot on Location at The Saint Regis Monarch Beach, Ca
                                          Model: Chrisy Elbin
                    Resort Travel Images Photographed by Jean Marshall
                                      Taken at The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Ca 
                                                Model: Chrisy Elbin
Fashion, Travel, Luxury and Lifestyle

Look and Brand Maker Jean Marshall Photography

Kick Start Your Career In Modeling

With a Professional Model, Actor or Entertainer Photoshoot.

Having been a professional international print and runway model for over 20 years, a muse to famous designers, a fashion editor, modeling instructor and pageant director.   I can show you how to pose in front of a camera and teach you what photographers and designers expect from you when you show up on set.  You will gain this experience in front of my camera with a real live photo shoot and have a really good start to your modeling portfolio. I will show the difference between a natural pose and a cheesy pose, cheesy poses screams amateur and inexperienced and that means it will take you longer before any agency will take you serious or just get stuck in amateur rut.  Most photographers don't have a clue on how to teach aspiring models how to pose since they were never models themselves or they are male and simply don't know.  They expect you to show up and be ready to bring it.  I will teach you how to bring it but it is up to you to get it.    In the end you will have usable images that are relevant to what agencies are looking for in today's market.  I will help you look like a pro and off to great start in a career in modeling, with a photo session with me, my styling skills, creative direction, my excellent fashion sense and in some cases even makeup.  All of this is to help send you on your way to find legitimate agency representation and turn your dream into a realty. 

Additional coaching  available for an additional fee, I can teach things like how to avoid the pitfalls and scam artist that out there trying to sell you a dream and capitalize on your aspirations.   How to market yourself, the different types of modeling, how you don't have to get naked to get famous and much, much, more.