Where's There's A Photo, There's A Story

Where's There's A Photo, There's A Story
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Press Release: “SHE’S GOT STYLE, DO YOU?”


LOS ANGELES, CA - In the oh so glittery city of fake noses, lipo-bodies and the scam artist who make young girls feel they need those things to succeed in the competitive business of modeling, there’s a woman who warns, “Be careful what you wish for you just might get it!” Jean Marshall, age 34 but svelte, tall and sexy as any young doe on the runway has quit the biz and has taken up sides with the models themselves!

Ms. Marshall, you see, is positioning herself to be the first true guidance consular for young models in the making. She trains individuals in the basic skills of modeling, warns them of fraudulent scams and bestows the tools they’ll need to maintain integrity and self-esteem in the critical and often destructive world of high fashion. Jean Marshall will prepare you for modeling and, in the end, you just may be better prepared for life itself.

Marshall started as a young innocent herself, a transport from Orange County CA to the dog-eat-dog runways of Europe. There, she got more than her fair share of knowledge about the business and the pitfalls that go with it. Her goal? To help young girls be better prepared for the job and lifestyle of modeling. Marshall has taken these life lessons mixed them in with traditional finishing school techniques, added a dash of psychology, nutrition and image consultation and came up with a workshop that may prove to be revolutionary-- young girls will know what is expected of them as models, what is inappropriate and illicit, and they’ll be able to handle their careers better. She guarantees it!

Jean Marshall, author of the upcoming “Six Steps Toward Success in Modeling” affectionately calls herself “The Image Source.”

She can be reached personally with any questions at Ms. Marshall is also available for speaking engagements, radio and television interviews upon request. Whether you’re an aspiring model, a concerned mother of a model wannabe, or a business person in need of image consultation and a make-over, there is help out there for the rest of us...finally!

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Press Release: You Should Be A Model!

My Vision is to Stop! Fraudulent Practices, and build a modeling and charm school based on integrity, honesty, and respect for other peoples dreams.

Ready For Immediate Release: You Should Be A Model!
Lifestyle Counselor and Coach
I heard that phrase many times in my life and I am sure you have too. What people don’t realize is how much it would cost if the wrong person says it to you.

Many people dream of becoming a fashion model. Some save up every nickel and dime of their money to put together a portfolio or move to a big city to follow that dream. The problem is there are so many scam artist out there taking advantage of the inexperienced dreamer.

There are so many pitfalls to watch out for, if you don’t know any better your dreams may never come true. That is why I decided it is time someone does something about it.

I wrote a book called “Six Steps Toward Success in Modeling” and I have created model workshops where the inexperienced can learn the most needed modeling skills and business sense without obligation to fulfill long term high priced courses.

The original concept of modeling schools was to teach poise, posture, etiquette and charm. These schools provided the social skills needed to make better individuals in society. As a result, graduates of charm and finishing school went on to become public figures, achieved higher status and notoriety. Unfortunately, many of today’s schools and model agencies are fakes.

Knowing the high demand for print, runway and commercial models, along with the large interest in this field, I have made it my business to inform, educate and open people’s eyes to fraudulent practices.

My goal is to create a non-profit organization nationwide to teach legitimate techniques required of models. I want to give career guidance, consultation and I want to teach anyone who is interested about modeling.

My experiences in the United States and across the world, from Tokyo to Europe, have taught me everything a model really needs to know and understand before embarking on his or her own, personalized career in the profession.

This is a business of wolves and the traps are many! New, inexperienced and young models need to know what I have to teach them. I’m Jean Marshall. I’m available to you together, we can prepare you for an exciting and profitable career in modeling.

Past, Present and Future

I have over 25 Years of fashion experience in worldwide locations; I have extensive experience in front of the camera and I’m extremely professional. I am able to interpret the philosophy of diverse designers and identify client’s needs. I lived in Milan Italy for 11 years and was very busy as a runway model, print and was a muse to several designers in for fittings. I have extensive knowledge of global fashion trends and I also have sales, marketing, production, event coordination, showroom and trade show experience. Partial Client listing: DREAM, MY TIME, C'Est’ COMME CA, FENDI, LAURA BIAGIOTTI, CALLAGHAN, GUCCI, UNGARO, VALENTINO, MONTANA, MANI, BYBLOS, PRADA, KATHLEEN MADDEN, RAFAELA CURIEL, KRIZIA, GIAN FRANCO FERRE, MILA SCHON, CRISTIAN LA CROIX, THIERRY MUGLER, CIVIDINI, GIANNI VERSACE

Beauty Pageant Director/Choreographer, Miss Beverly Hills: Produced the Miss Beverly Hills/Miss World United States 2000/2001; Handled public relations, media and sponsorship for pageant; Managed and structured the Miss Beverly Hills Pageant, produced weekly contests, choreographed and trained contestants, received tourism award from California Senator and city of Beverly Hills for hosting several successful charitable events.

Associate Producer, Director, iLive.com Writer: Responsible for creative and business issues; the artistic source behind the actors and filming process; wrote stories, settings and dialogue for Internet shows, Directed all interviews for celebrities and models for purpose of Web content.

Fashion Editor, La Dolce Vita Magazine/International Spokeswoman/Career Span
Interviewed top International designers for fashion editorials, Responsible for editorials articles Motivational speaker for all aspects of effective modeling

On a personal note, I am originally from Orange County, California and I have been back in the US for 12 years now and would love to use my skills again in the creative, artist, fashion world once again. I'm friendly, upbeat, high energy and a positive person. In my spare time I love to spend it in the great outdoors. I look forward to the chance of working for you soon!