Where's There's A Photo, There's A Story

Where's There's A Photo, There's A Story
Visual Story Teller

Jean Marshall Photography

I am the classic former model turned photographer. I lived in Milan, Italy for 11 years of my 17 year, international modeling career in print, runway and commercials. I am from Orange County, CA and I grew up on a ranch in the rural part of the city of Orange with my dad. I love the finer things in life but I'm just a country girl at heart. I got into photography through my passion for nature, I started off by taking pictures of birds, flowers, trees, hiking trails, the ocean and beautiful sunsets.

I decided to take a crash course in photography to develop my hobby and interest and to my astonishment! I discovered that I also had a natural talent for photographing people. When we were given an assignment to do people portraits. I really love capturing the essence of a person. It's sort of like taking the lens and entering in through their eyes and seeing a person's soul. I prefer my subjects to be as natural as possible. I do most of my photographing outdoors in a natural environment or setting. I love to play off of the 4 elements of nature, being: fire, water, earth and air.

I also do commercial headshots, business/realtor headshots, fashion, editorial, children/family photos and pets. I also offer my services to store and business owners who need product or service photos for your websites, social media, business cards and other marketing materials.

Please check out my work with nature and other Art Work at Fine Art Photography at http://www.jeanmarshall.com And my people services at http://www.jeanmarshallphotography.com

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to photographing for you soon.


Jean Marshall